Nothing Better Than a Vacay with Your Tribe...

Last weekend, all the siblings from my side of the family packed up our things and headed south to the land of honky-tonkin' good times...Nashville, TN!  I was so excited to spend time with all of them and just plain get out of dodge.  There's nothing like getting away and getting a change of scenery once in a while.

But, of course, there's the day's old dilemma of what the heck to pack for the trip.  Do I pack more and be prepared for any type of activity we might do but get the speech of "Did you pack the whole house?", or do I pack less and be conservative...less selfish about how much room in the car my bags are taking up? 

The answer was easy...definitely pack more.  Who can relate to this?  I always end up packing way too much and not needing half of what I take, but it just feels so dang good to pack that extra outfit or cute pair of shoes that you "might just need".

Luckily, I have the best job in the world in that I have an entire boutique in my off to the trenches I went to do some "shopping" for the trip.  I can't tell you if this was a good or a bad thing-Ben might definitely have a different answer for this than I do.  I know Sarah did a little shopping of her own before we left as well.  (Don't tell our men-it's advertisement, okay?!).

After telling Sarah and Niki (my other sister in law) to pack lightly because there wouldn't be much room in the car, I felt a little guilty that I needed not only a suitcase but also a separate luggage bag for my curling irons, makeup, and hair products-I'm not a diva, I swear!

Upon arriving in Nashville, it was so fun to choose what Tribe outfits we could put together.  We also received many compliments on our outfit choices, which was an added bonus.  We love it when people love the clothes that we pick out for you all to hopefully love and enjoy just as much as we do.  

But I think the best part of the trip was just plain old being with "my Tribe".  It was so good to laugh until our sides ached and remember what being a tribe is all about...spending quality time and strengthening those bonds that all brought us together in the first place.  Being in a family is not always the easiest journey, but it's defintiely the best-fought journey there is.  Being with the people who bring out the best in you and know every part of you and accept you anyway, flaws and all, is one of God's greatest gifts. 

So, just like our slogan says "Find your style.  Love your Tribe.", we definitely did that this past weekend and hope that there are days like this for you in the future as well.



We have included some pictures of our trip and some of the outfits we wore if you are looking to be inspired for a future vacation of your own!